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How you can take part

Taking an interest in the water that comes out of your tap should be a natural instinct! Water is too rare in other parts of the world not to pay attention to how we consume it at home, everyday.

Track the quality of water

By delivering quality water every day, SIG demonstrates its commitment to its clients.

Adopt these eco-tips direct from the source

Operation Carafe: participate in a humanitarian chain of solidarity

Buy a carafe for your Eau de Geneve
All profits received by SIG are donated to associations who work to bring clean drinking water to people in developing countries.

At the end of 2011, CHF 100,000 went towards building a water treatment station in Kenya and providing water filters so that 2000 inhabitants of the Kisumu community could access clean drinking water.

One carafe for you, water for everyone!

Check the state of your home water system
Water treatment has always been one of SIG’s key areas of expertise. The process required to make water drinkable without altering the environment is particularly complex. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance of your home water system and the pipes. Their correct functioning is indispensable for the entire chain of effort that goes into bringing water to your tap and into your glass.

Become a keen water taster

Many of you worry about the composition of your water and the treatments carried out by SIG. It’s taste when it comes out of the tap, the presence of chlorine or chalk/limestone and its hardness are all subjects we want to share with you. Geneva Water belongs to all of us and we are always trying to improve it: that’s why we’ve created a panel of 160 Geneva water tasters.