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Innovate by opting for the fibre optic network at home!

Today, the connection of a building to the fibre optic network is a basic part of the infrastructure, like electricity, water and gas. Switzerland has chosen to cover the entire territory with this new high-speed technology. SIG is currently working alongside the Geneva authorities to build a fibre optic communications network in the town centre, in the suburbs and on the outskirts of Geneva.

A high-performance connection for everyone

Fibre optic offers access to a multitude of services for private individuals, including the telephone, Internet, television, remote energy management and even remote surveillance of buildings. SIG is bringing this fibre optic communication network right to your door (FTTH – Fibre To The Home) and helping you find the most suitable offer by monitoring the quality of services on offer from different providers operating on the network.

A website dedicated to fibre optic

What is fibre optic? How can you connect your building? What is the right service offer for me? What are the advantages of fibre optic for homeowners? If you’d like to discover more about fibre optics and benefit from the new big bandwidth digital services (HD television, file sharing, Visio conference), visit site SIG Fibre Optique, a site specially designed for you (please note that content of the site is in French).