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Great cars, numerous filling stations and good prices all point the way!

Switzerland has lots of distribution points for natural gas fuel (GNC) and around 30 are in French-speaking Switzerland.

Natural Gas Refuelling Stations in Geneva

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A range of vehicles available on the market

Automobile constructers today are offering more and more bi-fuel or hybrid vehicles that run on both natural gas and petrol. The models are not all available in Switzerland yet, but the list is continually growing.

Save money while driving a GNC vehicle

To incite car owners to switch to environmentally friendly gas vehicles, the price of GNC is 30% less than other fuels.

In Switzerland, the price per litre for natural gas fuel can vary from one distributor to another, like petrol prices. In fact, there’s no set price for fuel – each distributor is free to sell at the price they choose.

However, in Geneva, the price for GNC is identical in all stations at 1.72 CHF/kg or 1.17 CHF/litre equivalent to petrol.

Did you know that 1 kilo of natural gas can drive you the same distance as 1.5 litres of petrol or 1.35 litres of diesel? GNC is very fuel efficient.