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Natural gas tariffs for domestic use


In line with an evolution in the cost of supplying natural gas, on 1 June 2016, SIG lowered its natural gas tariffs by an average of -2.2% on the overall price excluding VAT. The cost of natural gas for customers was reduced by -0.2ct/kWh, for each pricing bracket.
Standard Natural Gas Tariff

An economical and environmentally friendly energy for your heating, cooking and hot water.
This tariff applies to gas supplied to mono-fuel installations, except for those that are exclusively reserved for domestic cooking.

See the Standard Natural Gas Tariffs

Natural Gas Tariff for domestic cooking

Cooking with natural gas is a wise choice. Incredibly flexible, top chefs have been using it for a long time and it’s highly appreciated by gourmet cooks. Using natural gas for cooking also has the advantage of limiting the consumption of electric power during peak hours, which contributes to a better balance of energy use and an optimal network size.
This tariff is only valid if you use natural gas exclusively for non-professional domestic cooking. If your equipment includes other appliances that function with natural gas please refer to the Standard Natural Gas tariff.

See the Natural Gas Tariffs for domestic cooking