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Natural Gas: understanding the price of gas

The price of natural gas is particularly competitive. The tariff applied by SIG is based on your energy consumption, the power delivered and the subscription you have chosen.


Evolutions in the price of Natural Gas

In line with changes in supply costs for natural gas, SIG tariiffs for natural gas changed on 1st June 2016.

SIG lowered its gas tariffs for supplying natural gas to customers by an average of – 2.2% compared to the total cost, before tax. The cost of natural gas went down by -0.2 ct/kWh in each pricing bracket.

A tariff based on 3 parameters to better adapt to your gas usage.

The 3 billing parameters

The combination of the following three parameters allows us to better respond to your gas usage.

  1. Energy Consumption

    The kilowatt/hour tariff is fixed within each consumption band. The amount billed is proportional to your consumption and includes CO2 tax.

  2. Power Delivered

    The kilowatt (kW) tariff is identical for all consumption brackets. The amount billed is proportional to the size of your installation. A discount is granted for producing domestic hot water and for professional cooking. Only 25% of the power of these hot water installations is taken into account, as they don’t all put demands on the natural gas network at the same time.

  3. Subscription Chosen

    Subscription prices are fixed within each consumption band. This guarantees the availability of an energy volume that corresponds to your consumption needs – which are estimated and partly covered by the management fee.
    The amounts linked to the power delivered and subscription chosen are paid even when you don’t consume.

CO2 tax applied to all fossil fuels

The CO2 tax is designed to promote economic use of fossil fuels. The tax revenues are redistributed via health insurance and used to finance clean energy in buildings. Since 1 January 2016, in accordance with the Order of the Federal Council, the CO2 tax applied to fuels increased from 60 CHF to 84 CHF per ton. This increase represents a change of 1.093 c/kWh to 1.517 c/kWh (excluding VAT).