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Gaz Vitale Vert : switch to a greener and more local gas

Produced here, for here. Switch to a gas that’s :

  • Greener : its share of biogas is 100% renewable and produced in Geneva.
  • More local : it helps fund Geneva’s environmental projects, which offset the CO2 emissions from your use of natural gas.

Biogas is a renewable energy source. It is produced by the fermentation of organic matter. In Geneva, SIG transforms sewage from the STEP d’Aïre sewage plant into biogas.

Gaz Vitale Vert contains 10% biogas. In 2013, a biogas processing facility to capture the excess biogas produced by the STEP was built, thanks to clients opting for Vitale Vert. Now, part of the biogas created during the fermentation of sewage at the plant is apportioned to the natural gas network.

On average, this facility produces 15GWh/year of biogas. This is roughly the amount of power required to heat 2,500 apartments (245,000m2) to Minergie standards. It is one of the largest facilities in Switzerland.


We can reduce our carbon footprint – the amount of CO2 emissions we cause – by carbon offsetting.

The offsetting principle used by the Gaz Vitale range seeks to reduce the CO2 emissions produced by natural gas consumption via the financing of environmental projects.

The natural gas contained in Gaz Vitale Vert is entirely offset through CO2 reduction projects in Geneva.
The independent organisation, SGS, verifies that CO2 emissions generated by the natural gas consumption of SIG’s Gaz Vitale clients remain neutral.
The environmental projects financed aim to:
Example of a project completed thanks to Gaz Vitale Vert: in Bernex, extension of wood-fired district heating.

SIG is by your side to protect the environment:

For every Geneva-based environmental project you finance by subscribing to a product in the Gaz Vitale range, SIG invests the equivalent amount under the aegis of its public service mission.