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Environmental projects supported by Gaz Vitale

By choosing Gaz Vitale, you help contribute to carbon off-setting

When an industrial activity releases CO2 emissions, it is possible to ‘neutralize’ negative effects by financing a project that reduces CO2, in the same volumes. In this way, the impact on global warming is effectively cancelled out; this is the principle of ‘CO2 neutral’, also known as carbon compensation or ‘off-setting’.

Environmental projects you help support in and around Geneva
These seek to:

Did you know : For every environmental project in Geneva funded by customers who sign up to a Gaz Vitale product, SIG invests an equivalent amount in its public service mission.

Environmental projects you help support internationally These projects, managed through our Vitale Bleu products, seek to:

Did you know : All environmental projects supported via Gaz Vitale are developed by well-established organisations. They hold "gold Standard" certification, which ensures quality, added value and long-term results of their actions in the regions where they operate.

The independent certifying body, SGS, verifies that CO2 emissions are neutralized by customers opting to use natural gas from the Gaz Vitale service offering.