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Natural gas is a responsible and economical energy choice

With an attractive raw material price and a CO2 emission rate less than oil fuel, natural gas is a competitive and environmentally friendly energy solution.

Natural gas is safe

The provision of natural gas in Switzerland and the Canton of Geneva is assured largely thanks to long-term contracts with big European gas suppliers. Natural gas is an energy controlled to the highest standards, at every stage of use.

Natural gas is economical

The price of natural gas follows the same trend as oil fuel, with less variation and a gap of six months. The evolution of the price of natural gas is therefore predictable.

Natural gas is practical

Gas arrives directly at your home, without any delivery worries or disruption. As a clean fuel with minimal maintenance, there’s no need for a cistern and a gas boiler takes up very little space.

Natural gas is a responsible energy

Because of its carbon-light molecular structure, natural gas emits 25% less carbon dioxide (CO2) while burning than other fossil fuels. It doesn’t produce any fine particles, soot, heavy metals or wastes and isn’t toxic for humans, animals or nature. Using a natural gas condensing boiler will guarantee an extra 10% energy saving, too. In addition, natural gas can easily be combined with renewable energies such as biogas or solar power.