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You too can help develop solar power in Geneva!

  • Eco-current certified byNatureMade Star, the most stringent quality label in Europe
  • Concrete contribution to developing solar installations in Geneva
  • Contribution to two different funds for the environment
  • Excellent environmental performance with 11,9 g* of CO2 emissions

* Emissions calculated in grams equivalent to CO2/kWh, based on the analysis of product lifestyle, from extraction of raw resources to elimination.

From 1st January 2015, SIG, for reasons of simplicity, is lowering the price supplement on Vitale Vert products, and on the ‘Découverte’ and ‘Horizon’ offering, and will no longer reimburse the federal supplement for its customers’ renewable energy projects.  

More information (in french)

The Naturemade Star label guarantees that energy production and quality is done in line with the most stringent European standards.

It is governed by the “Association for Environmentally- Friendly Electricity" (VUE), which ensures compliance with the criteria set. It is supported by WWF, Pro Natura and the Swiss Consumer Forum.

The label guarantees that :
By opting for Electricité Vitale Vert, you pay 5cts/kWh more than the reference product, Electricité Vitale Bleu. These extra funds go towards purchasing Swiss ecological hydropower, solar energy and Genevan biomass, and are partly used to support the SIGN NER Fund, up to a total of 500,000 CHF per year.

The mission of the SIG D&R Fund is to support research projects in the field of renewable energies in the Swiss-Romande region.

The Geneva Committee on the use of the SIG D&R Fund is responsible for managing the funds and selecting projects in the field of renewable energies and energy savings. This Committee includes representatives from the State of Geneva, University of Geneva, the Romande Consumer Federation, and SIG.

Types of projects supported

The Fund finances research projects; academic studies; the development of experimental systems; prototyping in the field of electricity and heat production from new renewable sources; energy savings.

Project in Practice: solar panels

In juts one year this new generation of solar panels (see image, above) will save 3.25 tons of oil or 3,500 m3 of natural gas, equivalent to 35,000 kWh. The system works by heating bitumen products, drawing on the solar energy produced by twenty solar panels. By flowing through the solar panels, the oil used to heat the bitumen tanks reaches a temperature of 150° to 200°C.

Submit your project:

Deadline for submissions (PDF - In french)
Documents needed for your dossier (PDF - In french)
SIG NER Fund Regulations (PDF - In french)

Types of projects supported

Often initiated by community associations, projects are decided jointly by Committee members. Projects are chosen according to four common pillars, which determines the characteristics of each initiative: re-naturing, management of natural spaces, integration of human activities and awareness-raising among young people.

Some examples :

Submit your project :

Are you an individual or an association? Do you have a project based on improving the ecological functioning of the Rhone and / or its tributaries?

Learn more about COGEFé or submit a request for funding for your project.