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Vitale Bleu is the most environmentally friendly energy package from SIG.

Help contribute to the development and modernisation of hydraulic power plants:

  • 100% from renewable energy, 100% hydraulic
  • Contributes to modernisation of hydraulic installations (TÜV SÜD EE01-certified)
  • Low environmental impact: just  12.4 g* of CO2 emissions
  • The reference product in the Electricité Vitale range

*Emissions calculated in grams equivalent to CO2/kWh, according to product lifecycle, from the extraction of raw resources to waste disposal.

Electricité Vitale Bleu is composed of hydraulic energy, a renewable energy source that makes use of the power of water flow, which is converted into electricity via a hydroelectric power plant.

Electricité Vitale Bleu is produced in pumped storage facilities, rather like large dams, at a pump-turbine plant. The turbines raise the water up to a certain level when there is too much energy in the network or and re-pump it when more is needed.

This hydraulic energy comes from Europe and Switzerland and a large portion of it is generated in Geneva.


TUV SÜD EE01 certification guarantees the source of this renewable energy (100% renewable) and its quality. Certification also ensures that :
  • At least 30% of Electricité Vitale Bleu comes from hydro-plants that have been recently built or have been extensively renovated.
  • Additional practices, such as respecting compliance with high standards of operational safety and legal compliance, are adhered to.
  • The hydro-company has a corporate policy of protecting the climate and a commitment to renewable energy development.
  • An independent auditor ensures conformity of the supply and sale of the energy as well as accuracy of the accounts. The auditor ensures that the equivalent of each customer’s consumption choice has been injected into the grid.