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Electricity tariffs in Geneva for individual clients

Simple Profile Tariff

A single tariff all year round
Annual consumption must not exceed 30,000kWh
Double Profile Tariff

A very attractive price for off-peak hours from 10pm to 7am during the week and 10pm to 5pm over the weekend. It offers you the same tariff all year round.
This tariff is available if you have a meter with a double timer and you do not consume over 30,000kWh per year. The Double Profile is advantageous if your consumption during off-peak hours represents more than 20% of your total consumption.
Good to know

The Simple Profile and Double Profile tariffs allow you to choose an energy supply in the SIG Vitale range.

Special Tariffs

Water-heater Tariff

A special tariff for fast water-boilers with capacity of 8 litres or less that use less than 1.5kW of power.
Heat Pump Tariff (‘pompe à chaleur’, or PAC)

A special tariff for heat pumps connected to the low tension network. To benefit, the electricity used must be recorded on a meter with a double timer meter and an interrupter for peak hours.
Frequently asked questions:

What determines the electricity tariff?
Your consumption patterns determine the best tariff options for you.

What is the Double Profile Tariff?
Some hours in the day are known as ‘peak hours’, because electricity needs are high. By striving to use electricity, when possible, during off-peak hours, you can help reduce peaks in electricity demand.

With the Double Profile Tariff, adjustments to your consumption patterns reduces your bill: this rate is more beneficial if your consumption during off-peak hours represents, depending on the current price, between a fifth and a quarter of your total energy usage.

Simple Profile or Double Profile – what’s your tariff?
Depending on your energy consumption, the most advantageous tariff is automatically applied.

Simple Profile or Double Profile, your rate appears on your energy bill under "Your best tariff” (Votre meilleur tarif).