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The “bonus aux économies d’électricité” : an electricity savings bonus

To reduce electricity consumption in the canton, SIG is encouraging residents by offering new incentives to save energy.

Benefit from a bonus on electricity savings in 2013

From 2013, a new initiative is in place which rewards customers’ efforts to save electricity. If you manage to reduce your electricity consumption by at least 4%, your bill will be reduced automatically, because any kilowatts that you do not use will not be counted. What’s more, we will give you a 10% bonus on your energy price off your next bill.


If you already have an energy rate and have saved 4% or more on your electricity consumption, the savings bonus is automatically calculated on your yearly electricity usage bill, sent after 1st July 2013, following your meter reading. The amount of your bonus will appear on your yearly usage bill.

How to benefit

There’s no need to register to benefit from this offer! Simply keep a record of your energy usage over two years: a ‘reference’ year and a year that can be used to calculate the bonus. This does mean that you need to have been living at the same address for at least two years. The bonus on electricity savings will then be applied automatically.