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Water tasters for Eau de Geneve

Because quality is also a question of taste, SIG uses all its know-how to guarantee you excellent water that is fresh, top quality, and has a consistent taste, year round.

  • Trained professionals taste samples
  • Customers give their opinions, online, every month

SIG’s water tasters :

The local drinking water is regularly tested by SIG’s water tasters – a panel of 40 people trained internally who:

SIG’s external panel

In June 2012, SIG launched a participative online platform to ensure that Eau de Genève meets your needs and expectations at all times.
More than 300 Geneva residents from all over the canton can get together through this external panel. Each month, 160 of them are contacted and asked to taste their tap water, judge its quality and give their opinion.

Monitoring in this way allows SIG to have real-time opinions regarding the taste of the canton’s drinking water and add to the data gathered by the internal tasters. It represents an additional quality guarantee to ensure that Eau de Genève always meets expectations.

About the external SIG panel is :
We are not currently recruiting water-tasting panelists.

Panel news
What you’re saying
"It’s not easy to explain the taste of water, but I’d say it was ‘round’ and ‘full-bodied’. I’m happy to drink it both at home and at work." (Carouge)

"I think Eau de Geneve is of an excellent quality. However, as our environment evolves, extra efforts may be required to maintain this high standard over the long term."