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Water quality is continually tested by SIG

  • Analyses and controls 24h/7, 365 days a year
  • Fairly priced water
  • 93% of Genevans are satisfied with the quality
According to a SIG study, 93% of Geneva residents are satisfied with the quality of their tap water, in terms of freshness, clarity and pressure. (Satisfaction survey among SIG customers, June 2015).
SIG’s mandate is to guarantee the quality of local drinking water, which undergoes no less than eight stages at the Prieuré water treatment plant.
In addition to this mission, SIG is responsible for managing and maintaining the drinking water transport and distribution network.

The most tested foodstuff

Every year, SIG laboratories carry out 100,000 analyses on 10,000 water samples. These drinking water tests are then validated by the Service for Consumer and Veterinary Affairs (SCAV), the cantonal food authority. Tap water therefore benefits from the same stringent regulations as food.

Bacteria free

Chemical tests are carried out before, during and after the water is treated. The water samples are subject to bacterial and chemical analyses that detect even the tiniest anomaly. These tests guarantee the water is free of any potentially harmful bacteria.

The quality of your drinking water in 2015

Find your location on the cantonal map below and find out more about your drinking water quality and characteristics. You can then adjust your equipment and appliances according to the hardness of the water in your area.

Click on the map for details about water quality in your area.

Zone 1 shows the network of mixed waters (lake and water table)
Zone 2 shows the lake water network
Zone 3 shows the water network supplied by Geneva’s aquifer
Zone 4 shows water supplied by the Arve water table.

Log in to your online space to find out water hardness in your home.
Microbiological data for the four drinking water networks

  Samples: 6'119
  Tests carried out by SIG laboratories: 175'513
  Detected anomalies: 0,8%non-compliant samples with rapid return to normal. No stoppages for quality defects.

Water at a fair price

Our tap water is 100 to 500 times cheaper than bottled water (0.2 cents per litre)
A Geneva family of 4 save between CHF 440 and CHF 2,000 per year by favouring tap water over bottled water.*
*Source: Federation Romande of consumers.


Three quarters of the population consumes tap water daily.
More than 93% find it good or excellent (freshness, clarity, pressure, ...)*
* Source : Satisfaction survey among SIG customers, June 2015.

By the numbers:

Nearly 150 SIG employees from various functions take turns, 24h/7 and 365 days a year, to bring you quality water every day.
About 50 million m3/year of water is consumed in Geneva.
About 6000 samples and approximately 100 000 analyzes are conducted by the SIG laboratory.