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Micropollutants and Geneva drinking water

Every day, SIG provides drinking water of an excellent quality. Rigorously treated and continuously monitored by the SIG laboratory, Eau de Geneve (Geneva water) can be drunk without a second thought. Drinking water is the most controlled in Switzerland foodstuff and can be enjoyed at every stage of life, from newborns to the elderly.

As chemicals and pharmaceuticals become more intensely developed, they become present in our everyday lives and make their way into our water. A more subtle form of pollution can now be detected by means of ever more sensitive analysis. These are micropollutants - inorganic or organic microgrammes or nanogrammes per litre that originate from medications that are non-absorbed by the body, from cosmetics, skin care products and cleaning supplies, pesticides or industrial products drug substances that are flushed into our waterways.
What is a micropollutant ?
What order of magnitude is a micropollutant ?
Can I drink Eau de Geneve with confidence?
Where else are micropollutants found ?
Has the number of micropollutants increased and the quality of drinking water decreased over the years ?
Are micropollutants harmful ?
What norms are in place ?
What can I do as an individual to help limit the presence of micropollutants in the natural world ?