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5,460 carafes to bring clean drinking water to the furthest flung parts of Nepal

Operation Carafe in Nepal aims to improve the health and sanitation conditions of hundreds of people in far-flung parts of Nepal, through access to clean water. You can contribute to this humanitarian project by buying an Eau de Genève Carafe.

  • The projet : improve village access to clean water through by routing glacier or spring water to the area concerned
  • Objective : sell 5,460 carafes and raise 27,300 CHF
5,460 carafes sold
27,300CHF donated to the project
  • In brief

    Organisation : Singla-Nepal
    Location : a number of districts including Khotang in Rajapani, east of Kathmandu
    Villages : Thumki, Mangsire and Belobote
    Population concerned : very small communities, comprising a hundred or so people living essentially off agriculture.
    Project: develop access to clean water thanks to routing glacier or spring water to the villages.
    SIG support : 27,300 CHF = 5,460 carafes
    Project timing : November 2012 to year end 2013

    Project history :
    The inhabitants of three villages - Thumki, Mangsire and Belobote - in the Khotang district (about 200 people) were getting water from a lake far from their homes. The return journey took three hours per day on foot. This surface water is not protected and is not considered drinkable. Cases of diarrhoea in children under five years old were numerous.

    Listed on the Swiss solidarit’eau platform, the project developed access to a new source of drinking water and installed a water distribution network.

    Almost all the work was carried out by the villagers themselves, who will be paid. The project was managed on-site by HELVETAS and included a good hygiene and water use awareness campaign amongst project beneficiaries.

  • Key project milestones
    • November 2012
      Project launch in Khotang, listed by solidarit’eau suisse
    • Winter 2012- 2013
      Creation of a user committee, capture and protection of a new durable and quality water source, drilling and laying of some 6.7 km of pipework, construction of a 5m3 reservoir, construction of six water points, drilling and installation of some 2km of pipes to the village, training of beneficiary populations (smart use of water and hygiene measure).
    • March 2013
      Installations made operational. 36 litres of drinking water distributed per day, per person.
    • November 2013
      Field visit to Singla-Népal to supervise work carried out in spring, and to meet the community.
  • Singla-Nepal association

    The SINGLA-NEPAL Association is made of all volunteers, with the aim of developing aid projects for Nepal’s mountain and poor communities. Its activities focus mainly on providing gravity-fed water supply systems to isolated villages. They also occasionally carry out educational projects (building and furbishing schools, hiring extra teachers, purchasing school supplies, etc.).