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Operation Carafe will improve access to clean water in the far-flung parts of Nepal

Operation Carafe in Nepal aims to improve the health and sanitation conditions of hundreds of people in far-flung parts of Nepal, through access to clean water. You can contribute to this humanitarian project by buying an Eau de Genève Carafe.

  • The project : give 600 access to drinking water by capturing water from 7 different sources
  • Objective : sell 5,000 carafes and raise 25,000 CHF
5,000 carafes sold
25,000CHF donated to the project
  • In brief

    Organisation : Singla-Nepal
    Location : a number of beneficiary villages including Thatanga, Tallo and Ghogiin the Jajarkot district
    Population concerned : very small communities, comprising a hundred or so people living essentially off agriculture.
    Project: give 600 people access to clean water by harnessing the water from 7 different sources.
    SIG support : 25,000 CHF = 5,000 carafes
    Project timing : 2015.

    Project history :
    The communities are spread over 7 different areas. The project consists of harnessing 7 water sources at an altitude of approximately 1,500 m. Seven reservoirs will be built (4, 5 or 10 m3 according to location) to supply around 20 water points. The entire installation will be linked by a network of 3,000 m transport pipes and 2,500 m supply pipes. Each water point will be overseen by a woman responsible for its maintenance. The necessary training for this task is part of the project.

  • Singla-Nepal association

    The SINGLA-NEPAL Association is made of all volunteers, with the aim of developing aid projects for Nepal’s mountain and poor communities. Its activities focus mainly on providing gravity-fed water supply systems to isolated villages. They also occasionally carry out educational projects (building and furbishing schools, hiring extra teachers, purchasing school supplies, etc.).