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5,000 carafes to purify water in an African village.

A huge chain of solidarity was set in motion by Operation Carafe. Alongside SIG and the humanitarian organisation H20-Energies, you contributed to the financing of clean drinking water in a neighbourhood of Cameroon. A look back at a successful project.

  • Project : purify the water in the Mbouda district of Cameroon
  • Objective : sell 5,000 carafes and raise 25,000 CHF
5'000 carafes sold
25'000CHF donated to the project
  • In brief

    Association : H2O-Energies
    Location : Mbouda, Cameroun
    Population concerned : centre médical de Banock
    Project: Purify the water from an impure source in the town of Mbouda and give the Banock Medical Centre access to clean drinking water.
    SIG support : CHF 25,000.- = 5,000 carafes
    Project timing : 2011 - 2012

    Project history :
    The inhabitants of this town in Cameroon had only one water pipe providing a clean, clear water supply. Unfortunately, this was no water source at all but in fact seepage from a river upstream that infiltrated the ground before seeping out at this point. Filtered by the soil, the water appeared clear and pure but in reality it was full of bacteria and viruses and not at all suitable for consumption.

    • In 2012 the sale of 5,000 carafes raised 25,000 CHF for the installation of two UV water purification systems.
    • The 2,000 inhabitants of this neighbourhood in Mbouda, as well as the Banock Medical Centre, have had daily access to clean drinking water since March 2013.
  • Key project milestones
    • Januaryr 2011
      Launch of the project listed by solidarit'eau suisse: feasibility study and meeting with local authorities
    • Winter 2011-2012
      Local administrative and technical procedures
    • March 2013
      The H2O-Energies team arrives in Cameroon to finalise, check and commission the installation. Fresh, clean running water became available
    • Autumn 2013
      H2O-Energies expresses its confidence in the team of students and its desire to found an organisation in Cameroon to manage the operation and monitor projects there (signing of documents underway).
  • H20-Energies Association

    The H20-Energies Association is committed to applying its water technology knowledge and expertise to concretely contributing to providing access to clean drinking water around the world.

    In 2008, the Association developed a water filtration and purification system which was tested on water from the Arve River near Geneva. Its water is considered “difficult” because of its turbidity (made up of sand, mud and organic particles) and its level of bacterial and industrial pollution from upstream activities.