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Water and calcium

SIG harnesses all its expertise to guarantee excellent quality drinking water

An essential mineral salt that’s good for your health

Calcium is composed of calcium carbonate from rocks and chalky soils. This is none other than calcium, a mineral salt that is essential to the human body. Although calcium may not be great for pipes, your boiler or kitchen appliances, it is not harmful to people – in fact, quite the contrary!
Your tap water is enriched with numerous oligoelements and mineral salts, such as calcium, during its long trajectory through the ground.

Water hardness: determined by its levels of calcium and magnesium

Water hardness is calculated in “French degrees” (°F). One French degree is equal to 10mg of calcium carbonate (limescale) per litre. Up to 15°F and water is considered ‘soft’. It becomes ‘very hard’ when over 30°F.

Click on the map to check water hardness in your area (french).

A water that’s good for your health

Calcium and magnesium are essential for body development (growth, muscle function etc.) Balanced in minerals, Eau de Genève is recommended for everyone.

How to limit lime scale in household appliances