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Water for the whole family

Eau de Geneve can be drunk daily by every member of the family.

  • The best drink for sports
  • Recommended for the whole family
  • A dietary drink
Water is the only drink that is indispensible for the body to work well. It is refreshing and hydrating.
Adults are recommended to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day (around eight glasses of water). This amount of water complements the liquids found in foods.

Water: great for sports

Still water is the best drink when doing sport. During a workout, three quarters of the energy used by muscles are transformed into heat.
To deal with this increase in temperature, our body sweats and can lose one to three litres of water an hour. It is best not to wait until you are thirsty, because water aids concentration and to lessen the risk of cramps and muscle ache.

Water: essential at any age

Proportionally, a child’s water needs are three to five times greater than that of an adult. It is important that children – and elderly people - drink regularly, even if they don’t always feel thirsty.

«It is better to use low mineral water, such as Geneva drinking water to prepare babies’ bottles.»

Benefits for the body

The composition of Eau de Geneve, which is balanced in mineral salts, is comparable to many bottled waters.
The characteristics below are based on the annual average content of the lake water, which serves 80% of the Geneva canton.

Mineral salts and OLIGOELEMENTS Average ge (Mg/L)* How the body benefits
Calcium 45.4 Plays a major role in the formation of bones and teeth, is also involved in heart rate and blood pressure.
Magnesium 5.8 Involved in binding calcium in our bones, transmitting nerve impulses and muscle contraction.
Potassium 1.7 Contributes to the proper functioning of the kidneys and to cell growth.
Sodium 9.1 Controls the water balance in our tissues.
Hydrogenocarbonate 114 Maintains the pH levels of our cells and retains the calcium and magnesium in water.
Sulphates 46.4 Promotes elimination of toxins and activates hormones.
Chlorides 11.5 Helps maintain the water balance of our cells.
Fluoride 0.09 Assists in the formation of tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay.
Nitrates 2.7 Natural form of nitrogen particularly low in Eau de Geneve (max 40mg / standard I) **
* This data is based on the annual average content of water resources in the canton of Geneva.
** Ordinance of foodstuffs and utility articles.