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The largest hydroelectric installation in the Geneva canton

The Verbois dam opened in 1944 and is the principal hydroelectric works on the Genevan Rhone. The plant includes the dam and its four channels with two sluice gates each, the works with its four Kaplan turbines and two lateral dykes. It’s the largest source of electrical energy production in Geneva.

The development makes the most of the waterway. Changes in the flow of the Rhone at the Seujet dam allow the Verbois works to produce electricity at times of high consumption.

A few figures

The total amount of power generated is 100MW. The dam produces up to 466 GWh per year, equal to 15% of electricity consumption in the canton of Geneva. The dam is 410m wide and 20m high and features the largest fish ladder in Switzerland at 350 m long with 107 pools.

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