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Did you know that 1% of our electricity is produced by the Seujet dam?

The works at Seujet are built on the bed of the Rhone, between the bridges of Coulouvrenière and Sous-Terre, less than 10 metres downstream from the old Forces Motrices works. The development includes a dam with two channels, a lock on the right bank and a hydroelectric factory on the left bank.


From 1894 to 1995, the level of the lake was controlled ‘by hand’, using mobile wooden gates fixed onto the Machine Bridge. The water turbines were in the Forces Motrices building.

Opened in 1995, the Seujet dam has three functions:
The works release stored water into the lake at times of high electricity consumption in the canton. Along with waters from the Arve, they flow down the Rhône to enter the turbines at Verbois and Chancy-Pougny.

A few figures

The total power generated is 5, 6MW. The dam produces up to 20GWh per year, which represents nearly 1% of all electricity consumption in the canton of Geneva. The gateway is 4.90m wide. The whole construction includes a fish ladder with 21 pools and a passage for beavers.

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