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Optimizing hydroelectric production on the Geneva Rhône

Located on the Franco-Swiss Rhône River, the Chancy-Pougny plant was built between 1920 and 1925 to support the French metallurgical factories in Creusot. Geneva began to receive electricity produced from here in 1958.

Operated by the Forces Motrices Company at Chancy-Pougny (SIG and the National Company of the Rhône are shareholders), the plant includes a factory with five hydroelectric groups and a dam consisting of four channels.

Maximizing the channel

The dam at Chancy-Pougny makes the most of the channel. If the volume held is too low, it can’t be stored – so it benefits from flow regulations by the Seujet and Verbois dams.
The annual production of the waterworks can reach 230GWh per year, which represents 7.6% of electricity consumption in the canton of Geneva.

A renovation project

Today, the complete renovation of the waterworks is underway. Two groups of Kaplan turbines have been renovated, two more will be restored by the end of 2014 and a group of Francis turbines, dating back to 1925, will be kept. The main objective is to increase the usable flow and reach a production target of 250GWh, which represents 8.3% of electricity consumption in the canton of Geneva.
The renovation project also includes a fishway to help integrate the works into the natural environment.

Address: chemin des Plattières 10, 1284 Chancy