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The latest generation water treatment plant

Opened in April 2009, the Bois-de-Bay STEP (‘STation d’EPuration’ or water treatment plant) is one of the largest water treatment plants in Switzerland. It treats wastewater from Meyrin, Satigny, Aïre-la-Ville and part of the Pays-de-Gex and disposes the rejected water in the Allondon, a stream known for its organic qualities and beauty.

The wastewater is treated in permanence to protect the quality of the river Rhône where the treated water ends up.

A fruitful Franco-Swiss collaboration

This STEP is a cross-border development. It’s the result of a river contract signed by the French State, the Rhône-Alpes region, the canton of Geneva, the department of Ain and the Rhône-Mediterranean –Corsican Water Agency.

An entire network underground

The wastewater conveyance network at Bois-de-Bay includes two tunnels, two treatment plants with pressured pipes and a large network of drains.

A few figures

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