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SIG’s long-term commitment

SIG is an industrial company committed to sustainable development. Integrated into our core corporate policy is respect for the environment, as well as a concern for economic and societal matters.

Respect for the environment:
an essential component of our company policy
Equal opportunities:
training and gender equality
Economically efficient:
creating long-term value

  1. Respect for the environment :
    an essential component of our company policy

    SIG is committed to permanently reducing, as far as possible, the environmental impact of its products and services and seeks to be a leading example in this domain, at both a cantonal and regional level.
    The environment is a cornerstone of SIG Strategy and a central tenet of our vision and long-term development.

    Continuous improvement of our environmental performance is aided by the use of innovative technologies, respect for legal requirements and by preventing pollution.
    SIG adheres to the most exacting environmental standards and applies regulations as outlined under the international quality standard, ISO 14001.

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  2. Equal opportunities:
    a non-discriminatory approach to training in the workplace

    Out of a concern for employees’ personal development and the quality of our products, SIG invests in continual development.

    This translates into concrete measures, such as:

    • annually, two-thirds of staff follow at least one course in order to improve their knowledge or develop their professional skills
    • each year, around 20 interns and 60 apprentices join our company, for work experience

    In addition, the SIG company salary policy is reviewed on an annual basis. This helps ensure that there is no discrepancy in pay between men and women. Equal skills and experience amounts to equal pay (we hold ‘equal-salary’ certification).

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  3. Economic efficiency:
    controlled costs

    SIG seeks to create long-term value, in order to support innovation and economic development in the canton. In particular, we achieve these efficiencies by rigorously managing financial costs:

    • stability in sales of water, as well as for gas and electricity
    • reduction in the average tariff of electricity over the last 10 years
    • on-going efforts to reduce dependencies on natural resources
    • investments in maintaining and developing infrastructures