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Social equity in action

SIG: dialogue as a value

Dialogue with stakeholders (associations, political world, customers, partners, etc.) is essential at SIG. During planned or informal meetings, SIG listens, informs and supports its partners. The following are just some examples of this in the societal arena: In addition, each year SIG organises InnoTECH, a public forum and meeting place, which gathers together high-level speakers for seminar topics such nanotechnology, climate change challenges or the impact of new technologies on businesses.

Engaged employees

SIG encourages that staff get involved in societal or solidarity aid. Each year, staff are invited to take part in La Journée du Partage (sharing day), which benefits social or environmental associations. This investment helps strengthen team spirit within our organization and promotes individual skills.

Prevention: fundamental for health and safety

Health and safety represent important challenges within SIG. A multiyear scheme, supported at the highest level, outlines the preventative actions and necessary follow up and attention to these issues on behalf of our employees.

Examples of health and safety actions:

A certified fair-wage policy

With a desire to combat discrimination in any form, SIG applies a fair wage policy between male and female employees. The company’s ‘equal salary’ label certifies that there is no salary difference in terms of gender (men/women), or across other comparative criteria such as age, length of service, type of training received or level of responsibility.
A work-life balance is also keenly fostered at the heart of the company and transparent information regarding rights and opportunities available to employees is regularly made available (part-time work, company crèche, special leave, etc.).