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Concrete steps to protect the environment

All SIG projects are designed and implemented with respect for the environment.

  • SIG action plan
    SIG’s environmental impacts are systematically identified, monitored and improved in a multi-year action plan. Continuous improvement of SIG’s environmental performance relies on the use of innovative technologies, compliance with legal requirements and preventing pollution. SIG takes into account the highest environmental standards and applies the requirements of ISO 14001.
    Some key points of our commitments :
    Every day, each SIG employee contributes to SIG’s environmental commitment and is fully aware of and trained in our goals.
    SIG management applies this policy and implements the commitments contained therein. It measures SIG’s environmental performance over the long-term and communicates openly with all stakeholders.
  • Innovation
    Developing district heating
    As a replacement for individual boiler rooms in shared buildings, ‘district heating’ offers a collective heat distribution system. This innovative thermal solution ensures more comfort and reliability whilst being more environmentally friendly.

    Learn more about district heating (in french)

    Cooling network using lake water
    The “Genève Lac Nations” thermal cooling system allows us to heat buildings from the “quartier des Nations” in winter thanks to the warmth of the water from Lake Geneva, and to cool them during summer, using cooler lake water. This system helps to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and drinking water in buildings, as well as reducing CO2 emissions, which contribute to the greenhouse effect. The new GéniLac project, will develop the same system through the areas around the airport and Geneva city centre.

    Learn more about the “Geneve Lac Nation” project (in french)

    Find out more about “GéniLac” (in french)

  • Renewable offering
    Solar energy: at the heart of our renewable offering

    DFor over ten years, Geneva residents have been able to choose the quality of their electricity through the Electricité Vitale range. With Vitale Vert in particular, consumers contribute concretely to developing renewable energy in the canton, notably solar energy.
    In addition, purchasing kilowatt-hours through Vitale Vert helps to finance both the “eco-électricité” fund and the “SIG NER” fund, which seeks to achieve ecological improvements and supports research and development projects. Over 60,000 customer have now opted to have their electricity supplied by Vitale Vert.

    The new range, Gaz Vitale, allows clients to heat their homes without increasing their carbon footprint, and to promote the production of Geneva biogas. Gaz Vitale Vert is made up of one part Geneva biogas and its CO2 emissions are offset through the financing of environmental projects.

    Learn more about Vitale Vert energy

  • Preserving the Rhone River
    Program of environmental measures for the Rhône

    Thanks to an initiative launched by SIG, a shared information platform was created to help manage the scientific data available for the Rhone and Arve rivers. This platform is made up of several bodies, including: associations, universities and higher education establishments, the canton of Geneva and SIG. Using key environmental indicators, this programme analyses the consequences of hydroelectric operations and monitors all activity along the Geneva waterways. Finally, within the context of promoting sustainable development, this programme carries out various improvements in order to:

    Read more about the environmental measures for the Rhone river (in french)

  • Other projects
    Other projects and offers from SIG illustrate our environmental commitment: below is a non exhaustive list of some examples:

    Preventing climate change, promoting energy efficiency
    The Swiss-based Energy Agency for Business, AEnEC, has awarded SIG a special certificate, “Volontary climate protection and energy efficiency 2015-2016” in acknowledgement of the Company’s commitment to sustainable actions against climate change. This certificate recognises the various steps taken by SIG to reduce C02 emissions and improve energy performance. In particular, the installation of a district heating system (‘Chauffage à Distance’, or CAD’) in Lignon, as well as the heating systems linked to this network, help reduce greenhouse gasses.

    eco21 programme
    Initiated in 2007, the eco21 programme aims to help Geneva residents reduce their electricity consumption without sacrificing comfort or attractive prices. Since 2013, it has also helped local consumers to reduce their CO2 emissions.

    More on eco21 (in french)

    Monitoring and control of electricity consumption
    To reduce electricity consumption, SIG provides customers with online tools to track their consumption and find eco tips. Activéco habitat is a free service supported by the eco21 programme.

    Discover Activéco habitat (in french)

    Promoting Eau de Genève
    Local tap water, branded as ‘Eau de Geneve’ and which is supplied to the canton of Geneva, is of an excellent quality. Moreover, it is not costly and has an environmental impact that is 1,000 times less than bottled water. SIG regularly organizes awareness campaigns around the properties of this tap water in order to promote this mode of water consumption amongst local citizens.

    Find out more about Eau de Genève

    Green Data Center at the Lignon site
    In 2010, within the framework of an active policy to reduce energy consumption and implement cutting edge systems, SIG put in place a new IT data centre, known as the SIG Green Data Center. This hub has enabled the following savings : Sharing electrical and cooling systems, optimizing the data management power of processors, better organization of computers and a free-cooling system have all contributed to achieving these high levels of energy performance at the Lignon site.

    SIG supports Genie.ch and is one of its founder members. This internet platform is dedicated to the promotion and to the creation of projects of industrial ecology. On this website www.genie.ch, the Genevan entrepreneurs find concrete answers which allow them to join a logic of environmental protection, while concretizing their objectives of economic performance.