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A range of professions serve shared values

At the heart of SIG, the most diverse professions rub shoulders with each other, whether in construction, energy, management, services and infrastructure, or telecoms.

As a public service organization, we supply to customers, households, businesses and communities water, gas, electricity, heating and telecommunications networks necessary for their activities, and in addition to all that, we take care of treating and upcycling waste.

These diverse jobs are nevertheless linked by a common set of essential values that include open-mindedness and resourcefulness, dynamism, customer service and sustainable development.

Putting the ‘human’ into human resources

In order to ensure a high level of service at all times, one that is reliable and of a high quality, we oversee continual development of skills and know how among our employees. They are, after all, our most precious resource.

Employer brand

In 2015, in an exclusive survey carried out by BILAN magazine, SIG is ranked “best employer in Francophone Switzerland” in the category “public and semi-public institutions”!
The Francophone employers were judged against a number of criteria such as training, promotion of equality, adaptation of working time, corporate social responsibility (CSR), remuneration, etc. SIG came first in terms of CSR and second on three other criteria.

The survey particularly recognised the company’s implementation of the “EquiLibre” project which introduced, among other advantages, the notion of developing dynamic spaces, flexitime and teleworking to the professional schedule of its employees.

It also highlighted the existence, still quite rare in the sector, of a system of profit sharing in the form of a bonus partly linked to the company’s performance.

Also highlighted are the good working and living conditions for employees (eg: a gym on the premises).