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Recycling and reusing waste

Managing household or industrial waste in the canton of Geneva is vital for our communities. It represents an environmental challenge that requires attention 24/7, 365 days a year from SIG engineers, chemists and specialist technicians: these experts provide solutions that meet our collective sustainable development needs.

A major city such as Geneva is measured by its ability to deal with the daily waste generated by over 500,000 residents, thousands of companies and tens of communes. Management of rubbish is facilitated by the Cheneviers waste management plant, where waste is centralized, sorted, incinerated, and finally recycled.

Each stage of the recycling chain requires SIG to implement a complex system involving strictly controlled processes and logistics. Ordinary rubbish, together with industrial and special waste are grouped into cantonal waste collection points, known as ESREC. They are then transported to the waste management and recycling plant at Cheneviers. The ESREC Chatillon branch takes green garden and kitchen waste, which is transformed into compost and then into biogas.

Meeting sustainable development needs

Optimal waste transport

Air monitoring

Smoke emissions

Liquid waste

Informing and empowering the public

Preventative environmental measures

Optimising energy from waste at the Cheneviers factory

Today, 5% of household electricity consumption in Geneva is generated by incinerating waste. This makes the Cheneviers waste management factory one of the main producers of electricity in the canton.