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Change is blowing in the wind

Wind turbines convert wind power into mechanical force and then electricity. The very first windmills were built by Afghans in the 6th century. But it wasn’t until 1890 that the first turbines were invented. Using wind to generate electricity is, more than ever, a huge opportunity for the energy industry.

Plenty of potential

The amount of electricity produced by a wind farm depends on the quality of available wind. In optimal conditions, a turbine can operate in winds of 15 to 95 km/hour. In stronger winds, the turbine needs to be shut down.

A turbine can produce up to 3,000 Watts of electrical current – an impressive figure for any energy source. Offshore plants usually generate more power because they benefit from stronger winds.


Wind power in Geneva

Unfortunately, the wind in Geneva isn’t regular or strong enough to accommodate the construction of major wind farms. But we know that wind power has huge potential and we’re looking outside the Geneva area and investing in wind farms further afield. All our developments respect both the environment and the concerns of local residents. We’re also in the process of buying wind farms in Europe through some of our subsidiaries.

In the long term, SIG aims to produce 300 GW/hour through wind power.

ennova: consolidating our wind power projects

In 2011, SIG created ennova, a company that brings together our wind power projects. Based in Landeron, ennova, is a centre of excellence for the construction and management of wind farms in Switzerland.

Europe’s tallest wind turbine

We know that some energy projects may divide public opinion. That's why we always undertake in-depth research into the impact a project will have on the surrounding area. We also talk to local people, because for wind farming to succeed, we need to get businesses and customers on board from the outset. Taking the time to explain, consult and convince is an important part of a well-balanced sustainable development policy.
Our first turbine was erected in 2011 at Gries in the Valais canton. As well as being the highest of its kind in Europe, this turbine is a symbol of our long-term commitment to wind power.

By investing in wind power, SIG is helping Switzerland move towards an energy supply that is independent and safe, while also creating local jobs and respecting both people and nature.

Wind power in numbers

Watch the following video (in French)

about how SIG is developing wind power as part of its sustainable energy commitment, eco21.