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The future’s bright

It may be more than 150 million kilometres from Earth, but the sun’s rays keep us warm, give us light and are the driving force behind most of our renewable energy. The sun is responsible for the water cycle and for the existence of wind. Of course, it also produces its very own energy, which we use to heat water, greenhouses and homes (solar thermal technology). But we can also turn its rays into electricity with a little help from cells that capture the sun's energy and turn it into electrical energy (photovoltaic energy).

A promising technology

The process of capturing solar energy has come a long way since the 1970s. Back then, some people believed solar power was a dead-end technology. But today, it’s a key part of any balanced energy strategy. Meanwhile, people everywhere are now using photovoltaic and thermal panels and architects are increasingly maximising buildings’ exposure to the sun.
The potential to develop solar power in the canton is an integral part of SIG’s overall strategy.

Evolution des installations de production décentralisée


A sound investment

We have been activity engaged in the production of solar photovoltaic energy since 2002. Our goal is an ambitious one: to achieve a production capacity of 32 MWc by 2017. This target is proof that, while solar isn’t yet the mainstay of energy policies, it is an ever more important part of it.
Many of our customers are also choosing solar energy because of its low impact on the environment. SIG is committed to supporting companies and communities that produce solar power.

Tangible results

Today, nearly half the solar power generated in the canton of Geneva comes from independent producers. SIG then buys this power and finances and manages the transportation and distribution of energy.
A number of major projects have recently been completed in the canton:

Solar power in numbers