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Protecting the future with cleaner energies

It’s an exciting time to be working with renewable energy.
Wind, solar and geothermal energies are sparking debate among experts and consumers alike. SIG has spent the past 10 years exploring new and renewable energy. Although traditional energy sources still dominate the market, we are committed to reversing that trend – even though we know it may take a while. Now, more than ever, new and renewable energy sources are a key part of our corporate strategy.

Our approach is quite simple: we believe these forms of energy should complement each other and supplement existing hydroelectric energy.

Today, 89% of all energy provided by SIG is renewable (hydroelectric, solar and biomass), 0% comes from nuclear and only 11.5% is non-renewable (natural gas).

In 2015, 120,000 households will get their electricity from new, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass, etc.).

The cornerstone of our strategy

We’ve always had close ties with the hydraulic industry and were early adopters of solar and photovoltaic energies. Today, we are also investing in wind farms and geothermal energy.

Renewable energy has an important part to play in Geneva's energy mix. In fact, our commitment to energy diversity and our investment in hydroelectric energy from the foundations our energy strategy.