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Distributing and promoting natural gas

SIG promotes the use of natural gas in order to limit CO2 emissions in the Geneva canton. Through its activities as manager of the distribution network (gestionnaire du réseau de distribution or ‘GRD’), SIG is also responsible for guaranteeing the reliability and security of the network and the safety of the gas supply.

SIG is a Gas Distribution Network Manager, or ‘GRD’

As overall manager of the gas supply network, SIG is mandated to oversee the following:
The GRD’s commitment to customers is to:

SIG helps develop use of natural gas even in dense urban areas: the district heating network

Natural gas is the least pollutant of all fossil fuels. In this way, SIG encourages progressive replacement of oil fuel boilers by mixed solutions that offer a combination of gas and renewable energy, which are highly energy efficient. Collective buildings, and also airports, industry and shopping centres all call upon SIG for a more rationalized energy solution, known as district heating.

Promoting use of natural gas as a fuel

Using natural gas an alternative fuel option to petrol represents a real way to fast track Geneva’s efforts towards sustainable development. SIG supports the introduction of natural gas as a fuel in the canton of Geneva. Safe and environmentally friendly, natural gas fuel holds the necessary qualities to reduce damage caused by road traffic and improve quality of life for those that live in the canton, in line with SIG’s core community commitments.
When used as a fuel, natural gas is made up of 10% biogas, which contributes even further to its environmentally friendly status.