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With you at every stage of the electricty supply chain

Our aim is to offer Geneva residents the best quality products at the best possible price.
This philosophy shapes our activities at every stage of the production and distribution stage.

Electricity production and supply in the Geneva area

25% of the electricity we supply to Geneva citizens is produced locally by hydroelectric stations, solar panel installations, biomass facilities, and waste management and upcycling centres. To satisfy customer demand, we also buy electricity on the open market:


Managing the electricity distribution network for the community of Geneva

SIG supplies 265,000 households with electricity across a network of 4,400 km. Managing this network is one of the fundamental tasks of the SIG Manager Distribution Network.

From the source of electricity production, to the zone where it is consumed, electricity has to travel through several generating plants. It Is transported across a transmission network made up of very high voltage power lines. The electricity is then carried across a distribution network via various substations that convert the voltage level from ‘Very High’ to ‘High’. Before being distributed to customers, the voltage is lowered several times again at other substations.
The Electricity Network Manager (Gestionnaire de Réseau de Distribution d’électricité (GRD)) manages the electricity distribution network. Its responsibilities include :
The GRD strives to supply the highest level of customer satisfaction by :

Greener energy at sustainable prices

SIG has been involved in developing new and renewable forms of energy since 2012. SIG Vitale offers several types of renewable energy that are environmentally friendly and offer value for money. Users can design their own energy mix by drawing on hydropower, solar, natural gas and even biomass.

Driving down the price and usage of electricity
Opening up of the electricity market